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    Polyester needle felt filter bag

    Polyester needle felt filter bag

    Polyester needle felt filter bag, the surface layer is made of high-quality polyester fiber, high-quality high-strength polyester long fiber, weaving high-performance polyester base cloth with excellent physical and chemical indexes and stable size, so as to ensure that the filter material has sufficient mechanical strength. The unique needling production process and post-treatment formula are adopted to carry out post-treatment processes such as singeing, calendering and heat setting on the products, which greatly improves the ash removal capacity and dimensional stability of the filter material, enhances the hydrophobicity of the filter material, improves the filtration accuracy of the filter material, prolongs the service life of the filter material, and meets the service requirements of ordinary working conditions.
    The features are as follows:
    (1) High porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life;
    (2) High strength and low elongation industrial silk is used as base cloth to greatly improve the strength;
    (3) Fine denier fiber is selected, with reduced pore size, high porosity and high filtration precision;
    (4) Excellent polyester fiber is selected to enhance acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wear resistance;
    (5) Low running resistance and energy saving.
    Polyester needle felt is widely used in ventilation, dust removal and material recovery of sweat in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, cement, building materials, ceramics, medicine, food, flour, wood processing and so on.

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