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    304 stainless steel bag cage

    304 stainless steel bag cage
    Bag cage, also known as skeleton and keel, is an essential main accessory of dust remover. It is used as the frame to support the dust removal filter bag. It is the frame of the filter bag and is widely used in the dust removal industry. It should be light and convenient for installation and maintenance. The quality of the bag cage directly affects the filtering state and service life of the filter bag. Our company introduces advanced full-automatic bag and cage manufacturing equipment, uses high-frequency welding machine, selects 304 stainless steel wire with high temperature resistance of 800 ℃, good processing performance, high toughness and high strength steel, which is welded and formed at one time and treated by pickling and leaching process.
    During the operation of the dust collector, the quality of the bag cage is closely related to the service life of the filter bag. Our 304 stainless steel dust collector framework has superior performance and complete styles and specifications: split combination methods include plug-in type, plug-in plate type, transfer type, etc. It can be used in the dust remover of foundry industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, grinding wheel manufacturing, chemical products, machining and other industries. It is an important dust removal accessory in the dust remover, which effectively improves the dust collection effect of the dust remover.
    The production process of bag cage is: straightening, looping, welding ring, welding bag cage, welding top cover, welding bottom cover and other process links.
    The reasons why the bag cage affects the damage of the filter bag mainly come from three aspects:
    1、 The burr on the surface of the bag cage cuts the filter bag;
    2、 If fewer straight bars are used for the bag cage with the same diameter, the deformation range of the filter bag is too large during dust removal and ash removal. Long-term repeated excessive deformation will damage the filter bag;
    3、 The bag cage with deformation, desoldering, corrosion and fracture will also cause repeated excessive deformation or friction of the filter bag, resulting in damage.
    In order to avoid the problem of appeal, our company has established a perfect quality inspection process. From the incoming inspection of raw materials, self inspection of production line, patrol inspection of inspectors, spot inspection of workshop site managers and warehousing inspection of finished products, each link has set up a "gateway" to ensure the quality. Ensure good product performance and trend in use, and ensure good service life and value in use.
    Inspect the framework according to JB / t5917-91 technical conditions of filter bag frame for bag filter to ensure that the ex factory qualification rate of products is 100%.
    Processing standard:
    a. The production and inspection of bags and cages shall comply with the requirements of bidding technical specifications and relevant national standards;
    b. The bag cage support ring and longitudinal reinforcement are evenly distributed, with sufficient strength and stiffness, can withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and ash removal, and can prevent damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during normal transportation and installation;
    c. The bag cage shall be welded firmly without desoldering, false welding and missing welding;
    d. The surface of the bag cage shall be smooth and smooth without welding scar, unevenness and burr;
    e. The surface of the bag cage is treated with anti-corrosion treatment;
    f. The surface anti-corrosion coating has good adhesion and uniform coating thickness;
    g. The bag cage must meet the working conditions

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