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    Group Honor

    National high tech enterprise

    The engineering technology research center of the group is a domestic R & D unit that develops filter bags based on fibers

    High performance environmental protection dedusting filter material engineering technology center

    Provincial Intellectual property advantage enterprise

    The product won the "Golden Bridge Award" of China Technology Market Association

    Provincial "specialized and special new" Product Award, etc

    National Innovation Fund Project

    World famous inorganic fiber supplier for filter materials

    China's famous supplier of PTFE fiber and products

    High quality suppliers of dust removal accessories in China's ferroalloy industry

    High quality supplier of dust removal accessories in China's cement industry

    Qualified suppliers in China's power industry

    China has successfully realized the application of basalt fiber in the field of industrial dust removal and can realize mass production

    China's well-known supplier of anti blow filter bags in ferroalloy industry

    It is the world's first manufacturer with the ability to produce high silica (modified) membrane coated filter materials, which are used in batch in the industrial field

    The high silica (modified) membrane filter bag has passed the double certification of environmental protection scientific and technological achievement appraisal of China Environmental Science Society and product appraisal of China power industry

    From 2013 to 2018, it was ranked among the top ten honest suppliers and top 100 suppliers in the cement industry for five consecutive years

    Top 100 brand enterprises of Boya China in 2015

    Top ten influential brands in industrial waste gas treatment industry in 2017

    It has been rated as a contract saving and trustworthy unit for seven consecutive years

    AAA credit enterprise of China Environmental Protection Industry Association

    Member unit of Anhui Environmental Protection Industry Development Promotion Association

    Bank credit rating AAA

    Enterprise with harmonious labor relations

    Provincial advanced grass-roots party organizations

    Provincial enterprise with harmonious labor relations

    Provincial Science and technology R & D investment model enterprise

    Equal honor

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