Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Operation Get Fit: It's the little wins that count

Last Operation Get Fit post I was down, depressed, and sad. And thank you so much for reading my whine, commenting, and propping me back up and sending me toddling off, better attitude in hand. You all are fabulous.

While my weight still hasn't changed (come on, seriously?!? not even an ounce? maybe the scale is broken...or not), I'm determined to keep going and to stay positive by focusing on baby steps to lifelong success. You know, sometimes, it's the little wins that count.


1) Didn't gain any weight while at chi-chi resort on "working vacation"
2) Run/walking an hour on the beach goes about fifty-million times faster than when on a treadmill
3) Bought myself an adorable hot pink purse that was seriously on sale (hey, I deserved it!)
4) Finally have a summer routine that's working for me--and it includes daily exercise
5) Made a kick-ass run/walk playlist (with Call Me, Maybe of course! Cheesy is good.)
6) Up to running 20 minutes (15 min and 5 min) out of my 45 min. workout. This is WAAY up from the three minutes I started with last month
7) No longer out of breath walking up the five flights of stairs to the YMCA's equipment room. (Sadists.)
8) Get to watch Supernatural while pounding out my 45 minute treadmill routine. Woot for Sam and Dean! (Though I'm not exactly sure what season we're in. Might have to look that up. Eh. Who cares. They're adorable.)
9) Haven't *needed* my mid-afternoon nap, which means I'm finally caught up on my sleep. I sure do enjoy a good nap, though.
10) I can touch my toes now. Flexibility FTW! 

Any little wins for y'all lately?


  1. well, I am almost down to my fighting weight (5lbs to go) and I started running again, which will help me get there faster. Oh, and I finished another book :)

    Yay you!

    1. Thanks! And yay for you, too! Running is really growing on me...

  2. Good for you! THose are awesome gains. And that scale should be strangled! I've never been a runner - people who do impress the socks off me! I'm taking this week to relax and recuperate and watch Wimbledon. Next week the heat is supposed to be gone so I'll be back walking again :)

    1. Thanks! I don't know if I'll ever actually be a runner, per se, like marathons and such but calling myself one makes me feel...accomplished. Hope the heat eased up for you! :)

  3. Hum. Not sure what's up with the weird highlighting. Blogger, you acting up again?

  4. Bit late but had to cheer you on :) What a great list of achievements!