Friday, June 29, 2012

Workin' at the beach

Just get back from a yearbook conference at a lovely resort (Kingston Plantation) in Myrtle Beach. You know, any conference that's held at a beach resort is worth begging your boss to attend. Especially when there's built-in "beach time". Yes, please.

You may remember that I'm starting a new job at a brand-new school next year (Go Redhawks!) and that job includes advising (and organizing and creating and all that jazz) for our yearbook. It's been a looooong while since I worked on a "real" yearbook (the middle school yearbook that I ran really was just a photo album...very few captions and no copy) so I really needed a refresher course. My brain, she is full of knowledge now. So. Much. To. Do. But a very productive conference. 

Plus, I did get in a little beach time. And pool time. And porch/reading time. I finally read OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon after so many people telling me how awesome it is. I really enjoyed it--though (and don't crucify me) I don't think I'll be joining the super-fan ranks.

I also read PUSHING THE LIMITS by Katie McGarry--a young adult romance that comes out in August. YOU MUST READ THIS!! It's absolutely fantastic.

Now that I'm back, the heat has HIT! It's 108 degrees in Columbia--that's hotter than hot tubs are allowed to be (The sign by the hot tub I was in yesterday said 104 is the hottest a public tub is supposed to be). Can anyone say sauna? Stay frosty, my friends (heh).


  1. Sounds like a great conference!! And sounds like you'll be having a great time with the yearbook! :)

    We had that hideous heat last week and it's heading our way again over the next few. Blech.

    1. Hope you're getting some release from the heat!

  2. Eek! We were in Myrtle Beach at the same time??? I know I didn't run into you - I definitely would have noticed someone reading Outlander :-)))

    Are you going to read the rest of the books in the series? They're all a little different, so if Outlander didn't grab you the others might. And by the third and fourth books, they're in the US!

    We stopped in Philadelphia on the way up and it was lots of fun visiting a place that Claire and Jamie lived in :-)

    1. How crazy-awesome would that have been? Actually, I brought my Kindle so no *obvious* reading of Outlander. Sounds like I should try another--I liked the first, just wasn't impassioned. Hope you had a nice trip!

    2. Thanks Mary!
      Hope you like Dragonfly in Amber :-)