Wednesday, February 22, 2012

But...but--they're so shiny and new!

I may have mentioned (once or twice *cough*) that I'm working on the last 1/5th of my story? Yeah. Well, I'm distracted. My people are still in serious danger but I'm more interested in these two lovely, shiny ideas that recently appeared in my brain.  I blame Pinterest for getting me thinking too much about things other than my WIP but, as I'm still in the addiction stage, I can't seem to give it up (I have no willpower).

Falling off and not really a kilt guy!
One's a steamy Scottish romance (omg, men in kilts *fans self*) and the other's an urban fantasy, both genres I adore. Neither is YA, which is a bit odd to me, considering that's what I though I'd be writing, it's what I'm writing right now, and it's what I love. 

So, I'm bribing myself so I'll stay on task and get some words in every day: some writing, some time on Pinterest, some more time writing (if possible), some chocolate, some time cleaning the house. (Okay, that last one isn't a bribe but if I hold off any longer, I'll be killed in my sleep by the dog hair dust bunnies, a not-so-rare breed that can go rogue if ignored for too long.) 

Don't get me wrong, I love writing. I love when the words flow, and the characters fling dialogue back and forth, and the scenes come to life. But I'm easily distracted, especially after a long day convincing the kiddies that, yes, they really need to do their work and turn it in because eighth grade just isn't more fun the second time around. It's all about "butt in chair, hands on keyboard", though.

Have you all ever been distracted by a new shiny idea? What are your coping techniques? 

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  1. I have! I gave in to the SNI for NaNo and got it out of my system ... for the moment. Since the new year I've worked on the previous project. Once it's polished, I'm heading back to SNI :)