Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Let's try this again...

Happy New Year!
I don't know about you but for me, 2011 was nothing special. Actually, it was rather disappointing, as far as hopes and dreams and other stuff went. *sigh* 

But that's all water under the bridge now, right? It's 2012! And, if you're an optimist, it's a fresh start -- a brand new year that's clean and ready for new and wonderful things. If you're a pessimist, well, the world's going to end so why worry? Hey, pessimists! Live it up, baybee!

Generally an optimist, I like the idea of a fresh start. It's like when you open up that brand new calendar and there's nothing written on it. No dates to save, no deadlines, no to-do lists...yet. I love both the beginning and the ending of things -- tossing away that old calendar is just as satisfying as filling in the new one (it's the middle that can get a little sludge-y).

This year, I've got some goals I want to accomplish:

1) Improve my health. Yes, yes. I know. This one's on pretty much everyone's list, and it winds up getting dropped by the second week of January. However, my health played a rather large contributing role in last year's disappointments. I HAVE to get healthy. I can't be tired all the time, uncomfortable in my own skin, or with allergies so bad I can barely breathe. This just isn't acceptable, especially if I plan on living healthfully and happily until I'm at least 100. 
*Eat my veggies and fruits--lots more than my carb-heavy 2011 "diet"
*Take my vitamins (thanks, Mom)
*Do Couch to 5k then do a 5k (Plan: Get to the Green on St. Patrick's Day); extended goal: half-marathon
*Keep up with allergy shots

2) Make my dream a priority. I get distracted so easily and then I get mad at myself when I realize those distractions have eaten up my time. Reading, reviewing books on my book blog, Twitter, TV, friends, family, the day job, dogs, life...these aren't all distractions per se, but I need to organize, plan, and prioritize so they don't turn into time sucks. I want to be a published author; I want to be a full-time writer within the next couple of years. Therefore, I need to make writing a major priority.
*Write at least an hour a day and/or write at least 1,000 words a day (More would be great!)
*DVR my TV shows and use them as a reward
*Limit social media time
*Don't let day job leak into after-day-job time
*Just say no and try not to feel guilty about it (Ha! As if that's possible.)

3) Blog here at least twice a week (I'd love to do it three times a week but let's not get overzealous). This is something I really failed at last year. But I have a plan...*rubs hands together* I love it when a plan comes together (name that show!). 
*One day about writing and/or health (to keep me honest and on track)
*One day for fun or for writing/health

Sheesh. I'd better stop before I get completely carried away. I could throw in dating (my mother would be thrilled), social life, travel, and a million other things but I think I'll stick with these--especially the first two biggies.

So, what about you? Plans for 2012?

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  1. Those are great goals - all seem really closely connected to things that are important to you.

    I also like to set goals for the new year. I always say I am not going to do that, and I always wind up doing it. My personality seems set to make goals, to have to-do lists, to achieve.

    Happy New Your to you!!