Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you read this yet?

Personally, I'm not a huge Nora Roberts reader but I fully respect the woman for her tenacity, her prolific writing career, and for being so unapologetic in the face of critics (esp. those who criticize romance). And, after reading THIS ARTICLE in The Guardian, my respect for her has grown exponentially.

Some of my favorite quotes from THIS ARTICLE (seriously, you have to read it):
Talking about those who disparage romance: "Why would you apologise for what you read for pleasure? Just think of the illiteracy rate. Every book read for pleasure should be celebrated."

Explaining what a "nursing mother" cover is (which her new book does NOT have): "You know, where she's falling out of her dress and he has his mouth on her tit."

And, apparently, she's a huge fan of French fries: " can one live without French fries? Not well, I say. In fact, I've been known to say a day without French fries is like a day without an orgasm." (there's even a website:

That, coupled with the fact that she still lives in the same house she lived in as a teen newlywed despite her yearly salary being about $60million, is why Nora Roberts is my new hero(ine).


  1. that WAS a great article. thanks :)

  2. I love Nora Roberts - both her work published under her own name and the JD Robb In Death series! I like her even more after reading that article!! Thanks for pointing it out :)