Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ooh, perks!

Have you heard of Klout? I read some Tweets about it a little while ago and, curious, I zipped over to and signed up (This is ME on Klout). It's a funky site, with what seems like little purpose but to "rate" people based on their presence on various sites on the web. Supposedly, I'm a "Thought Leader" (really? um, okay) and am influential in writing, children's literature, NaNoWriMo, authors, TrueBlood, and Macs. Well, okay, yes. Those are topics near and dear to my heart and topics I talk about a lot. But still, it's kind of weird.

But there are perks! (Again, a little strange but hey, Free stuff! I'll take it!) This was on my porch when I came home last week:
A perk? Really? So I opened it and...
"You just received +K in Opening Boxes." I like that they have a sense of humor...and, what's this? A box from SHARPIE? I LOVE Sharpie!
Look at all this awesome swag! I mean, did you even know that Sharpie made all this freakin' cool stuff? There are Sharpie pens -- clickable and non-clicky -- in all kinds of pretty colors, pens that don't bleed, mini Sharpies, gel highlighters, liquid pencils (I can't wait to try those!), and brush tip fabric markers (ooh, to be a teen again and the desire to write all over my clothes! You know, kids still do that. They love to sign each others' shirts and write all over their jeans and shoes, just like I did when I was their age.). 

But I think my favorite of this pile of Sharpies are the "80's Glam" Sharpies. Obviously, I'm all about 80's Glam (boy, we thought we were cool back then when Day Glow ruled!) but what's the most fab are the color names: Jellie Pink, Leg Warmer Orange, Valley Girl Violet, Banana Clip Yellow, and Argyle Green. LOVE! Ah, memories.

I almost don't want to open all the pretty packages... Do you think my students will appreciate me grading their Literary Terms Quiz in Valley Girl Violet?

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