Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People are weird!

I know, I say that like it's a new thing but people are weird. These past couple of days have been just filled with weirdness. Odd people everywhere, which made for some truly interesting people watching.

Take the guy waiting for his wife in the Bed, Bath & Beyond. He was at the front, right near the check out, chillin' on the patio set they had on display. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Yeah, until he whips out his nail clippers and goes to town on his fingernails. Right there in the store. Snip. Snip. Snip. I pictured his sharp, dirty clipping zinging everywhere. *shudder* I sent him a look (to which he was oblivious) and hurried away from the display of Tervis tumblers, afraid that somehow one of his nails might wing its way into my eye.

On my drive home, while sitting at a stoplight, I saw this guy walking down the street with a can of Budweiser hanging from his neck. On a big gold chain. Is this a new fashion statement I'm unaware of? Maybe he was just thirsty and didn't want to to hold his 40 when he wasn't drinking it. I suppose a big blue can hanging from a gold chain is more attractive than those hat sipper thingies. On second No, it's not.

Then today in the waiting room at the doctor's (Btw, yay for no more cast, no more stitches!! I'm able to type again! Finger healing!), this woman who was in front of me at the receptionist's was chatting away with a friend and, completely out of the blue, she asked, "Do you think, when you turn around and see a ghost and scream that the ghost is scared, too? I mean, do you think it jumps when it sees you?" There was a beat of silence in the entire office as we all processed what she said. But, being Southerners (Shut up. I know I'm a transplant but I certainly wasn't going to say anything.) we merely smiled and said nothing.

Holy cow, don't you just love people? So flippin' weird.


  1. But isn't life so much more interesting with such unique 'perspectives' to be found out there? ;-)

  2. Those are the moments that make the day sparkle!! Love the oddities in life :) Although I'd definitely try to avoid nail clipper guy - Yuck!

  3. Some of these oddities may irritate me, but they make great stories and add flavor to life.