Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Reading Recommendations

I just read two fantastic YA books this week (while avoiding revising my own).

Book #1: The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
This is the last of the Percy Jackson series. Percy approaches his 16th birthday and the prophecy surrounding it and all the half-bloods are preparing for battle against the Titans. While the gods are off battling a rampaging monster, Mount Olympus is undefended-perfect for Kronos to come and destroy it. But Percy and his friends are there to stop it.

Fun book! Love the tie-ins with mythology (one of my favorite subjects in school). Percy and his friends are well-drawn characters and I was sad to see this series come to an end. Or is it? (SPOILER ALERT!) At the end, the Oracle makes another prophecy, one involving seven half-bloods. Will Riordan follow up and write another series? I certainly hope so!
I give this book four out of five cookies.

Book #2: My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent
One of the first of the new Harlequin Teen imprints, this book provides a good dose of romance along with a great story. Kaylee Cavanaugh is a bean sidhe - a banshee - who screams uncontrollably when she's near someone who's just about to die. When she catches the attention of one of the hottest guys in school, she just wants to enjoy it (even though she's a little suspicious of his sudden attention). But healthy girls are dropping dead for no apparent reason and suddenly the hot guy is more than he seems-especially when he doesn't think her need to scream is weird.

I really enjoyed the premise of this book-something new and different on the paranormal scene. Kaylee struggles with trying to fit in and screaming bloody murder in the middle of the cafeteria isn't going to help with that. The other characters fun-esp. Emma, the best friend.
I give this book four out of five cookies.

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  1. I've heard some much about Rick Riordan's YA series over the past year at Good Reads. It looks interesting, and so does the Rachel Vincent book too. Good recommendations. Good luck with your WIP!