Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get Down On It

To Do:
1. Spring Cleaning-baseboards and fans, anyone?
2. Wash stinky dog
3. Average grades for student projects
4. Finish lesson planning for March

Has anyone been watching this Rhianna-Chris Brown debacle? I can't believe that she is getting back together with him! Does she really have such low self esteem that she has to go back to someone who very publicly and physically abused her? And what kind of example does this set for my girls--they were so upset by the Chris Brown news that they hated him, he was so terrible, they'll never listen to him again...and now the girl's getting back together with him! Tweens are so easily influenced anyway, how terrible is it that they see someone they look up to getting back together with the man who abused her?!?! It's just not a good situation. And my students are watching every move those two make.

On the brighter side, seems that the weather's headed for warm--finally! I can't stand the cold anymore. I've turned into such a wimp. Now, even though we had a snow day (without snow) and it was super-cold (for me as a new Southerner), it should be in the 70s soon. I can't wait. It just perks me up and makes me want to dig in the garden. Not that I'm a great gardener but I really like to think that maybe, someday, I will have one of those beautiful gardens like you see in the magazines.

And, finally, what the hell was that octuplet mom thinking--she's obviously disturbed and I really can't stand seeing her on TV anymore with those fake lips and nutso behavior. Her poor parents. And those poor kids. Fourteen children under the age of, what, seven? Holy crap, that woman is so out of her mind, someone really needs to step in and take over primary care of those kids.

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